Royalty decrease

We are glad to announce that the Egyptian Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Tourism has agreed to reduce the royalty imposed on the flights operating from destinations different than operator call sign nationality.


The new royalties imposed shall be as follows:


  •   1 flight the Royality will charged as 2500 USD/Flight instead of 5000 USD/Flight.


Moreover in case there will be a series of flights during the season the discounts applied shall be as follows.


  • From 2-26 flights/Season Royality will be charged 1000 USD/Flight
  • Above 26 flights/Seaosn Royality will be charged 500 USD/Flight


This incentive is valid for one year effective Jan 2014 on all flights operating to Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, Aswan, Alamein, Taba, Marsa Allam and Marsa Matoruh.


If you have any plans to operate any programs to those destinations  please let us know and IAB will be glad to assist you with the required information to qualify for such incentives.