IAB implemented a Quality Management System in developing business processes that focuses on consistently meeting client’s requirements while enhancing their satisfaction.
IAB’s Quality Management System builds a mutually profitable relationship with clients ensuring long-term success meeting clients requirements, as well as the international standards.


IAB is committed to maintain a high level of international accomplishment by ensuring efficiency and reliability of the services provided to their clients, passing through ISAGO certification.
IAB’s staff considers ISAGO standards as the culture that should be adhered to for all day to day activities. IAB quality department always follows up to ensure continuous conformity of the service quality delivery according to ISAGO Standards.


IAB sets KPIs to evaluate and match the success of a particular activity. Success is defined in terms of making progress toward strategic goals. Choosing the right KPIs rely upon a good understanding of what is important to IAB and the clients as well, enhancing ground handling efficiency and setting recommendations based on the evaluation of KPI. Key Performance Indicator Model is a set of metrics measuring IAB’s service delivery performance against customer carrier SLA.


Safety is one of IAB’s core business functions. IAB is committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all aviation activities take place under a balanced allocation of organizational resources. Aiming to achieve the highest level of safety performance by implementing Safety Management System SMS, meeting national and international standards and considering best practices, while delivering ground services. IAB SMS enforces the management of safety as a primary duty for all managers and employees.


Threats to aviation continue to evolve. As such, many governments, international agencies and independent aviation stakeholders are striving to enhance and develop aviation security capabilities, both locally and globally.
IAB continually adapts to the ever-changing regulations and challenges that the global security environment presents.
IAB has an extensive experience in the field of aviation security with a proven track record of delivery. As a highly trusted and reliable partner, IAB is able to consistently deliver secured services and aviation security advice and guidance.


IAB’s training program is designed to qualify operational personnel by ensuring specific trainings related to their jobs. IAB’s philosophy is that appropriate training and refreshment will lead to higher service quality & less down time and incidents.
IAB owns two certified training centers as well as the certified trainers from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authorities; where it conducts all technical and commercial trainings from Local Authorities, IATA and partner airlines.

The accreditation of IAB training center requires extensive auditing and approvals from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authorities, and the authorities are regularly auditing and spot checking the training center to ensure regulatory standards are adhered.

  • – In-house 2 Training Centers Accredited by ECAA
  • – IATA Training
  • – Airline Training
  • – Local Egyptian Authorities Training