IAB provides all aviation partners with a full range of handling solutions at highly competitive prices while functioning with solid experience and reliability.
IAB is your representative before ECAA and all other local authorities, supervising carrier’s activities and effecting payments on carrier’s behalf to 3rd Parties and local Authorities.

IAB team members are available 24 hours/7 days a week to fulfill all your requests.


Representation and Permits

IAB’s traffic rights department liaisewith ECAA 24/7, providing partners and clients with timely updated permits and slots clearance.
IAB arranges overflying approval and landing permission for various flights, such as:
Commercial Flights, Governmental Diplomatic flights, Cargo Flights, Executive Flights, Military Flights and Ambulance Flights.

  • – Liaise with Local Authorities
  • – Slot Management
  • – Station Management
  • – Flight Operations
  • – Payment to Local Authorities and 3rd Parties
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Passenger Services

IAB knows that all services performed reflect the client’s image, IAB handles everything from passenger’s assistance to the most delicate VIP requirements with professionalism and care. IAB’s dedicated staff is always available to assist passengers and crew with the following services:

  • – Check-in
  • – Ancillary Encashment
  • – Airport Lounges
  • – Gate Activities
  • – Airport Ticketing
  • – Meet and Greet (Fast Track)
  • – VIP Handling Services
  • – Arrival Services
  • – Lost and Found
  • – Supervision services
  • Welfare  Irregularity Handling
  • – PRMs, UMs Assistance
  • – Customs and Immigration
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Ramp Services

IAB  owns  fully equipped fixed base offices FBO at all Egyptian airports with 24/7/365 operation staff ready to serve any type of aircraft.
Ramp handling services include comprehensive arrangement of all kinds of necessary equipment, even if your flight is  of a special nature.

  • – Ground Services Equipment GSE
  • – Baggage Handling
  • – Ramp Transport
  • – Aircraft Cleaning
  • – Dedicated Turnaround Coordinator (TRC)
  • – Liaise with 3rd Parties
  • – Catering Handling
  • – Load Control
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Cargo Services

IAB offers all cargo handling services such as

  • – Cargo Offloading/loading
  • – Cargo Transfer
  • – Cargo Make Up / Breakdown
  • – Cargo Security
  • – Ware Houses
  • – Customs Formalities
  • – Customer Delivery
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IAB is ready to offer fuel supply at all airports:

  • – Jet A1 Fuel
  • – Av Gas
  • – Oils and Hydraulic Fluids
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In-flight catering is the recipe for an enjoyable flight. Being in the catering business for a long time, IAB knows the sophisticated tastes of crews and passengers. To tempt and satisfy delicate palates IAB contracts superior suppliers. When supplying in-flight catering, IAB pays careful attention not only to the quality of food and hygiene but also the delicacy of dishes, comfort, and presentation.

  • – Punctual on-Time Delivery
  • – Sales on Board Stock
  • – Economy and Low-Cost Meals
  • – Business Class Meals
  • – Crew Meals
  • – Catering Equipment and Storage Facility
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Aviation Security

IAB provides security services at all Egyptian airports. IAB certified Security Agents are highly trained in both security and risk assessments, providing complete solutions to all IAB clients, such as:

  • -Passenger Profiling and Travel Document Check
  • -Screening Supervision and Control
  • -Random Check of Hand Baggage
  • -Baggage Guarding and Escorting to Aircraft
  • -Catering Check and Guarding to Aircraft
  • -Cargo Safeguarding and Escort to Warehouse
  • -Aircraft Access Control
  • -Baggage Security and Safe Guarding of Baggage at Sorting Area, Baggage Containers Sealing
  • -Arranging for K9 Unit Sniffing Dogs for Baggage and Cargo in Sorting and Makeup Areas.
  • -Safeguarding at The Baggage Sorting Area within Check-in Time
  • -Escorting from Sorting Area to the AC and Vice Versa
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IAB’s aim is to obtain the supply of components or services that are needed immediately for
aircraft in an AOG situation in the shortest possible time to reduce technical delays.
IAB offers ideal solutions for line maintenance requirements with minimum impact on the operation while maintaining the required standard of safety. Services include:

  • – Transit Routine Services
  • – On Call Services
  • – None Routine Services
  • – Material Storage and Handling
  • – Parking and Hangar Space
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Crew Support

  • – Meet & Assist
  • – Hotel Arrangements
  • – Transfers
  • – Visa
  • – Ticketing
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Global Flight Support

IAB is privileged to offer a wide range of flight support services globally for scheduled and non-scheduled airlines, VIP Charter, Cargo, Ambulance and Diplomatic Flights. IAB provides a complete aviation solution that makes the optimum match between cost, efficiency and reliability.

  • – Landing & Overfly Permits
  • – HOTAC Arrangement
  • – Navigation Charges
  • – Crew Visa Arrangement
  • – ATC Filing and Slot Management
  • – Crew Transportation
  • – Weather and NOTAM
  • – Passenger Transportation (VIP)
  • – Cargo Handling
  • – Ground Handling Arrangement
  • – Security Arrangement
  • – Fuel Arrangement
  • – Catering Arrangement
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