IAB Quality objectives are to furnish high quality services on time and to reach customer satisfaction and ongoing improvements in processes efficiency through continuous staff training and infrastructure maintenance and development.

IAB Quality System builds a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success, through understanding their needs and their customers needs as well.

IAB has developed and implemented a quality management system in order to implement the company’s best business performance; better satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customer’s airlines and to improve the overall management of the company.


The Quality Assurance Program provides confidence that IAB activities, including organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources are conducted in accordance with all the Authority's Regulatory regulations customer instructions the company's own additional standards.




IAB training program is to qualify operational personnel by ensuring specific training related to their jobs.

IAB ensures Training and Recurrent training must be completed in accordance with requirements of the
regulatory authority but not less than once every 36 months period to ensure operationally critical functions are required to maintain competence on the basis of continued education and training.